Worksheet For Class 2 English Grammar With Answers PDF Download

Here in this post, you all know about the worksheet for class 2 English grammar with answers. I provide for every student who studying in class 2. I know many of you kids want to solve the English grammar class 2 worksheet before taking for the exam. So, this post helps you a lot in gaining your knowledge in the grammar portion.

English grammar is a very important topic for everyone to get information about English language. Every student want to increase their marks on English paper. So, If you work hard and solve these live worksheet for class 2 English grammar. So, lets beging the post scroll down and solve you english grammar worksheet for class 2.

Worksheet For Class 2 English Grammar WITH ANSWERS

Worksheet For Class 2 English Grammar

Exercise – 1: Write the kind of each of the following sentences :

  1. Where do you live? _
  2. The sun rises in the east. _
  3. How beautiful she is! __
  4. How old are you? __
  5. We are going to the school. _
  6. The earth is round. _
  7. Do not come here. __
  8. I am eating a banana. __
  9. May you live long! __
  10. Where is Geets? __

Exercise – 2: Rearrange the words to make meaningful sentences:

  1. Love I dancing
  2. Yellow the sun is
  3. drink I juice everyday
  4. father My is doctor a
  5. for your thanks help
  6. her was cow not black
  7. Name my is Sumit
  8. Good he is boy is
  9. eating they are mangoes
  10. have a you silver ring

Exercise -3: Put a full stop or a question mark at the end of these sentences:

  1. My name is Pallavi
  2. How is the weather
  3. My dad is at work
  4. Are you still there
  5. What are you doing
  6. The duck is yellow
  7. I like mango and nut
  8. Where is my watch
  9. Gagan was not there
  10. Where is the box

Worksheet For Class 2 English Grammar Noun

Exercise – 4: Circle the proper noun and underline the common noun :

  1. Sudha enjoyed the game.
  2. Uncle Gupta is a dentist.
  3. Preeti has a lovely doll.
  4. Who is your computer teacher?
  5. My friend visited New Delhi yesterday.
  6. Geeta met her uncle two days ago.
  7. Have you heard this news before?
  8. Karan and Param are going to a park.
  9. Mr Deepak owns a hotel.
  10. Monday is a working day of the week.

Exercise – 5: Circle the nouns in the given sentences :

  1. The boys are making a noise.
  2. Shiva is reading a book.
  3. I have a ring of gold.
  4. The man is running.
  5. My father walks here.
  6. She has a red ball.
  7. My friends do not learn English.
  8. I am going to Mumbai.
  9. The Taj Mahal is in Agra
  10. The monkey jumped the tree.

CBSE English Grammar Exercises for Class 2 (English Worksheets)

Exercises – 6 Choose the right ending to complete these sentences :

  1. The earth is _______. (square/round)
  2. The vegetables are on the _______. (ground/table)
  3. Take your seat _______. (then/now)
  4. Do not run on the ________. (road/park)
  5. The cow gives us ________. (water/milk)
  6. This is a green ________. (grass/flower)
  7. Sister is baking a _________. (honey/cake)
  8. Buffalo gives us _________. (milk/food)
  9. The boy swims in the ________. (tea/water)
  10. Read your English _________. (book/pen)

Exercise – 7: Circle the plural nouns in the Given sentences :

  1. Dogs are barking.
  2. I eat so many oranges.
  3. I need two tomatoes to make a new dish.
  4. Those boys are playing the game.
  5. My father bought mangoes.
  6. The girls like to fly the kites.

Exercise – 8: Use the clues to fill in the right proper nouns:

  1. I like to play cricket with _______ ( name of a person) everyday.
  2. _______ (name of a neighbour) lives near our flat.
  3. _______ ( name of a place) is a temple in Uttrakhand.
  4. _______ (name of a day ) is a holiday.
  5. My sister likes to study _______ ( name of the subject) in school.
  6. Shivam’s uncle lives in _______ (name of a country).

Exercise – 09: Circle the singular nouns in in the given sentences :

  1. Radha is going to temple.
  2. The boy is playing.
  3. The baby is crying.
  4. I am eating the food
  5. I have a basket.
  6. I have two sister.

Worksheet For Class 2 English Grammar Pronoun

Exercise – 10: Underline the pronouns in the given sentences :

  1. It is a bag.
  2. She is four years old.
  3. He is my best friend.
  4. I learnt English by myself.
  5. I accepted their invitation.
  6. They study in class IV.
  7. I like this mangoes.
  8. We eat cookies.
Worksheet For Class 2 english grammar

Worksheet For Class 2 English Grammar PDF Download

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